It’s true – the price of Matcha green tea is extremely expensive. This tea was actually imported from Japan and is made with very young leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are only gathered during spring time, which can make it quite hard to find. This makes this tea quite rare and valuable.

So how is Matcha green tea made? When the leaves are picked, they’re allowed to oxidize. Oxidation is a natural process that occurs as the leaves age and begin to turn color. Oxidation is part of what makes tea green.

Fresh Tea Leaves

After the leaves have oxidized, they’re hand-picked and taken to a tea factory. There, the tea leaves are combined in large, mesh tea bags. This is where the Matcha green tea wholesale gets its name. The tea leaves are allowed to sit in the bags for up to four weeks. This allows the tea to oxidize much more slowly and creates a more unique flavor.

Once the Matcha tea leaves have oxidized, they’re moved to the teapots. Teapots are specially designed to allow the tea to steep without exposure to air. Matcha green tea made in teapots has a richer, fuller flavor than tea made from loose leaves. When the tea is made in the teapots, the tea leaves can stay fresher longer. This also means the tea stays fresh longer, allowing it to be sold at a discount.

Plain Brown Boxes

After the Match green tea is made, it’s then sent to tea shops all over Japan. The tea is packaged using special paper to keep it new and fresh. Most of the time, the tea is shipped to local shops in tiny boxes, or kuro-tamago. Sometimes, it’s even shipped in plain brown boxes. Sometimes, the tea is wrapped in papers that resemble cellophane. Whatever the wrapping, it’s important that the tea is kept as fresh and pure as possible.

Matcha Green Tea

The leaves and buds of the Matcha green are hand picked. They are then hand-picked even more carefully. This ensures that the quality of the tea is very good and that there won’t be any left over. Because there is such great care taken with the selection of the leaves, buds, and buds themselves, the tea comes in small batches. These batches, while small, are usually enough to make only a certain amount of tea.

Why Match So Expensive

Why is matcha green tea so expensive? This tea isn’t like most teas. It has its own unique properties that aren’t found in other types of tea. Since Matcha green tea made using special methods is very rare and difficult to find, this makes it extremely valuable as well. Not only are the leaves hard to find, but the specialized process that they go through also adds value to the tea.

What is Rich Flavor

Many people wonder why is matcha green tea so expensive. There are many factors that can contribute to its high value. While this tea isn’t common, it’s popularity is still growing. It’s popularity is due mainly to its rich flavor, as well as its unique properties. These properties make it so rare that there isn’t much left over from the plantations that it is grown in.

Other reasons are because it is one of the healthiest teas you can buy, period. It is full of anti-oxidants, which are needed for good health. This tea also contains plenty of anti-cancer properties, making it very healthy for you to drink. If you are drinking any other tea, you will find that it may not be as healthy as matcha green tea. Since it is rare and hard to find, its popularity is very impressive.

Find the Best Tea

Finally, it should be noted that the price can vary quite a bit depending on where you find it. It can be more expensive at some places than others. This is due mostly to the demand. If you want to find the tea at a reasonable price, it can be more difficult than you may think. Keep in mind that this tea can be very expensive if you live in Japan, where it is a specialty, but it can be less expensive if you live anywhere else.

Why is Matcha Green Tea so expensive? The simple answer is that it is an uncommon tea that can only be found in select places around the world. Matcha green tea is much better for your body than many of the teas that are available. It is full of anti-oxidants and provides lots of health benefits. If you want to get the best tea, it can be worth it to find it. Even if it costs more than you would like to spend, you will probably be happy with the results.