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Gentlemen, it’s time to ask her to marry you and so today I’m going to tell you ten tips for the perfect propose to my girlfriend.

Do the first thing you need to know is that proposals are not a one-size-fits-all type of situation you have to decide what’s right for you and your senorita.

It’s personal and you’ve got to do the hard work but there are some steps that I’ve identified that you should follow in order to knock it out of the proposal park.

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Before proposal tips, I suggest you pick the right partner.

I’m just saying that this is in terms of monumental important decisions. This is pretty much up there with the biggest yeah you’re ever going to make.

Let’s discuss the steps to propose to my girlfriend:

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Choose the Date For the Proposal

All right so you pick a date for this proposal. What’s it going to be, is it going to be a holiday, a vacation, a special day. Or a day that’s sentimental to the two of you, maybe the day you met it could be a random Wednesday in October. All the days are super popular birthdays, Valentine’s Day Special, Christmas for propose to my girlfriend. Right the downside is that you lose a little bit of the element of surprise. Sometimes she’s expecting it the upside however is you only have to buy one gift.

Step Number Four: Choose a location

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Is location on a cruise? is it in your living room, is it out to dinner at a restaurant, or in the park.

Pick the Ring

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This is the big one! boys pick the ring. It’s the most important things for propose to my girlfriend. First you need to decide what style of ring to buy for propose to my girlfriend. Now a lot of times she may help you out with some very subtle hints. Hints Like taping pictures of the rings of the refrigerator, text messages with pictures of rings, emails with hyperlinks the Rings subtle. But your girl may be a little bit more laid back and you’ve got absolutely no idea. One thing you could try a little subliminal sorcery is you’re walking through the mall. You pass a jewelry store and say oh wait babe I want to look at watches. You go look at watches, she automatically drawn to engagement ring like a moth to a flame. What you looking at, babe, see anything you like. Exactly, remember we’re trying to get an idea of style preference for propose to my girlfriend. Remember you have to hide the ring step number seven before propose to my girlfriend.

Plan What you’re Going to Say

You have to plan what you’re going to say and then practice, practice, practice. So, you don’t choke, you’re going to be nervous, right? You’re going to be sweating are going to be flustered. The more you practice the more ready you’re going to be and if you totally blow it and screw the proposal’s Brooch. That’s alright you’re so cute and ready to propose to my girlfriend.

Capture the Moment

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Decide if you want to capture the moment propose to my girlfriend on film. And if you do you need to choose somebody that she has never met. So, maybe a friend that she hasn’t ever met or some long-lost uncle that she’s never met but it can’t be like your brother. You go to a restaurant, you’re all excited and she’s like oh there’s your brother!!! That’s not going to work.

Execute the plan

Hit the knee and pop the question we’ve been together for a while.